2D wired barcode readers

Wired 2D barcode readers are scanners that scan both codes at high speed 1D on the products, being also recommended for reading the 2D codes on the electronic recipes, being able to read the codes regardless of the scanning angle. The scanners connect via cable directly to the PC or to a stand (cradle) to transmit the collected and recorded information.
2D barcode readers can decode a wide range of codes two-dimensional, both printed (from labels, barcodes, etc.), as well as barcodes from the display of mobile phones, PCs, laptops .
Used both in shops in shopping centers and in pharmacies for scanning pharmaceutical products and prescriptions, 2D barcode readers are resistant to possible knocks or accidental falls.
In our online store find a wide range of 2D wired barcode readers from manufacturers recognized worldwide for the quality of their products: Zebra, Datalogic, Unitech, Honeywell.