Industrial tablets

Industrial tablets are equipment designed to be used in extremely harsh environments, being ideal for collecting and entering data, viewing documents, running business applications or using GPS , but also as a barcode reader. Having small dimensions to be held with one hand and extremely fast to facilitate the business processes carried out in the field and in stores by sales agents, mobile tablet terminals are adaptable to any business, and can be used in harsh work environments due to reliability, resistance to falls and the high IP standard that protects them against accidental splashing with liquids.

The mobile terminal is also recommended in warehouses, being able to be used as a stock interrogator. Enterprise tablets are becoming essential devices in business environments because they offer greater visibility on the screen, so sales agents can show customers the product with the entire range of accessories in a single display, then they can place the order without leaving the customer's side . In our online store you can find offers for mobile terminals from manufacturers such as Getac, Unitech and Zebra .