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ITG Store by IT Genetics is a leading B2B online retailer for Data capture and Point of sale solutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Who we are

IT Genetics is a company with 100% Romanian capital which has been present on the Romanian market for over 13 years and is an integrator of systems in the field of automatic identification, data collection (AIDC) and Point of Sale.

The history of the company begins in the first part of 2007 when Stefan Axinte and Liviu Sima, founding partners, decided to translate into business the passion for technology, setting the foundation for an enterprise that helps companies optimize their activity.
The company emerged due to business needs to streamline their operational processes, IT Genetics’s services solving the problems they faced for years. Through the provided services to its customers, the company delivers and implements reliable solutions tailored to the current and future requests, constantly optimizing the benefits received by customers.

Since its inception, the company has grown steadily and the high quality of its services has been a decisive criterion for which major internationally renowned manufacturers such as Zebra, Brother, Citizen, Honeywell have chosen to offer high degrees of partnership.

IT Genetics started its international expansion with local offices in Hungary (2018) and Bulgaria (2019).

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