Ribbons are necessary consumables for printing labels. These are of three types: wax, wax-resin and resin. The heat applied by the print head melts the wax or resin and makes it adhere to the surface of the label, thus creating the desired image.

Each type of ribbon has its specific applications. Wax ribbons are recommended for printing paper labels with various finishes (matte, glossy, etc.) that are used for transport, on the shelf, in retail and in warehouses. Wax-resin ribbons have a higher melting point than wax ribbons, they are ideal for labels made of various materials, they have a better resistance to moisture, temperature changes and handling, which are used for barcodes, transport, labels off the shelf and for the pharmaceutical industry. The resin ribbons are used for printing extremely durable plastic labels (PE or PP), which are used for labeling chemical and textile products, for the automotive industry and for flexible packaging.

In the IT Genetics offer, in addition to a varied range of ribbons for thermal printers, you will also find ribbons for matrix printers, for card printers, toners for laser printers and cartridges for inkjet printers.