Wireless barcode readers

Wireless barcode readers are synonymous with mobility and freedom of movement in -house, being ideal for activities carried out in warehouses, at cash registers for bulky products, etc. The ease of use and the reduced, sometimes even insignificant weight of the products, recommend wireless barcode readers to ease the trader's activity, reduce working time or for a good management of  goods.

Wireless barcode readers can be laser or imager, scanning 1D or 2D barcodes, being able to use one of the multiple communication interfaces (USB, Bluetooth, RS232, PS2, etc.). The communication distance from the base can reach up to 100 meters, and the reading distance of the barcode can vary from a few centimeters to a few meters, depending on the size of the barcode. Barcodes from labels traditionally printed on paper, as well as barcodes displayed on mobile phones, tablets or computer monitors can be scanned. The mobile barcode readers are made to be used in harsh working conditions, and they will work without problems when falling from a height.

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