The Thales Group is a French multifunctional company that designs, develops and produces electrical systems, as well as devices and equipment for the aerospace, defense, transport and security sectors.

In 2020 , Thales added to its group the international security company Gemalto , thus combining the existing digital assets to create a new leader in the field of digital security. Every organization around the world is in the middle of a digital transformation and will benefit from the joint innovations of these two companies.

Thus, Thales will provide a transparent response to customers, including critical infrastructure providers such as banks, telecommunications operators, government agencies, utility companies and other industries, as they prepare to face challenges related to the identification of individuals or objects as well as maintaining data security.

The new Thales will cover the entire critical decision-making chain in an increasingly interconnected and vulnerable world, with capabilities covering software development, data processing, real-time decision support, connectivity and end-to-end network management.

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