Thermoscanner Hikvision DS-2TP31B-3AUF, thermal imaging of installations and electrical panels

HD 720P (1MP), 320x240px, LCD, real-time temperature, 2.8 mm lens, HDTVI-TurboHD technology, Uncooled Focal Plane

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Thermal scanner with Hikvision thermal imaging

The thermoscanner is equipped with a thermal camera with thermovision from Hikvision . Specially created for checking installations and electrical panels , it offers accurate results that lead to a reduction in the time of detecting defects without the need to stop the equipment. The thermal scanner is equipped with a thermal sensor with a resolution of 160×120 pixels, this camera can be used to detect defects such as imperfect contacts, phase imbalance, overload operation and overheating of switching devices.

The advantages of using a thermoscanner:

Allows real-time analysis
Adjustable temperature
Direct contact with the live installation is not necessary
It can be used both manually and mounted on a tripod
3 measurement points: maximum temperature, minimum temperature and center temperature
Temperature detection between 30 and 45 degrees C with a precision of 0.5 degrees C
Scanning can be done on installations located in hard-to-reach places, without affecting the operator

Thermal scanner specifications:

Fixed lenses: 2.8mm
Technology: HDTVI-TurboHD
Camera shape: Bullet
Operating time: 8 hours


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Resolution 160 × 120 px
Pixel range 17μm
LENS 2.8 mm
Aperture F 1.1
IFOV 5.48 mrad
Minimum focal length ≥ 150 mm
View field 37.2° × 50°
Temperature measurement 30°C to 45°C
Thermal detection accuracy ±0.5 °C
Image sensor Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays
Maximum resolution 320×240
Lentile 2.8 mm
IP certifications IP54
Size 196 mm × 117 mm × 59 mm (
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