Precision scale Cely PB-60, 1500 g

maximum capacity 1500 g, precision 0.02 g, platen 136x162 mm, battery

Precision scale Cely PB-60, 1500 g

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The Cely PB-60 electronic scale has a fast response time to weight changes, a very high precision and can perform part counting operations, as well as percentage weighing. These features, along with ease of use, recommend the use of the PB-60 scale in businesses in the following fields:

  • Retail: patisseries, specialized stores, such as jewelry, delicatessen, spices, etc.;
  • HoReCa: confectionery, restaurants, cafes, etc.;
  • Health: pharmacies.

The Cely PB-60 electronic scale has an illuminated LCD display, which provides data on weight or number with the help of 6 digits. The height of the characters is 15mm, so that the information will be perfectly visible to the users. The keyboard of the Cely PB-60 scale consists of 7 keys, coded by color, depending on the type of operations performed. With the help of the keyboard you will be able to:

  • to turn on/off the device,
  • to set the country,
  • to bring the scale to zero,
  • to weigh percentage,
  • to add the cumulative memory value,
  • to select the unit of measure (g, ct, lb, oz, d, gn, ozt, dwt, mm, tl.T, tl.c, TL.t, t),
  • to switch between weighing and counting.

Cely PB-60 can be powered from the socket, but it can also work autonomously for approximately 90 hours, with the help of the included battery.

The Cely PB-60 electronic scale is manufactured to withstand shocks and overloads. The scale housing is made of ABS, and the platen is made of stainless steel.

The electronic scale Cely PB-60 - PB-60-1500G has a precision of 0.02g for weights up to 1500g, it can perform both weighing and counting and is equipped with a platen with a surface of 136x162mm. The package includes adapter and battery.

Cely PB-60 has no metrological verification.

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Tip produs Commercial scale
Maximum capacity 1500 g
Division 0.02 g
Display - illuminated LCD display;
- displays the weight or number of products in 6 digits;
- height of characters: 15mm
Direct keys 7 keys, coded by color, depending on the type of operations performed.
Plate size 136x162 mm
Weighing surface Stainless steel
Operating temperature 0° – 40°C
Power source - adapter for 220V current;
- accumulator.
Size 220 x 190 x 55 mm
Weight 1.4 kg makes permanent efforts to maintain the accuracy of the information on this page. Occasionally they may contain caveats: the photo is informative and may contain accessories not included in the standard packages, some specifications may be modified by the manufacturer without prior notice or may contain operating errors. All promotions present on the site are valid within the limit of available stock.


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