Matrix printer Epson TM-U220A, serial, cutter, white

58, 70 or 76 mm paper width, maximum speed 6.0 lines/sec, auto-cutter, serial

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The TM-U220 dot matrix printer is efficient and efficient, the result of Epson 's vast experience in the field of quality HoReCa equipment production.

The strengths of the Epson TM-U220 printer are:

  • robustness: suitable for use in demanding environments, such as HoReCa and kitchens;
  • compact footprint: takes up little space and can be placed anywhere;
  • 3 types of rolls: if the width of the receipt is not very important, consumables costs can be reduced by using narrower paper rolls;
  • cassette feeding system: changing the paper rolls is simplified and fast;
  • accurate printing, without stains or erasures, including in 2 colors for a professional image and good visibility;
  • high printing speed, up to 6 lines/sec. for 30 characters per line, to avoid queues at payment points;
  • sensor for the end of the roll and sensor for the open cover: useful to quickly troubleshoot the most common problems;
  • auto-cutter: performs 800,000 cuts; can perform partial (one point) and complete cuts;
  • logo memory included, so printing speed is improved;
  • excellent reliability: the error rate is very low;
  • the possibility of connecting two money drawers, an efficient option especially for shops where several types of currencies are used;
  • support for ESC/POS operating systems, which ensures compatibility with any other printers and POS peripherals, but also flexibility for subsequent equipment.

The Epson TM-U220 matrix printer offers you the possibility to use paper rolls of 3 sizes: 58, 70 or 76mm. This flexibility is important for retailers with multiple check-out points, as they can make significant savings due to the possibility of using narrower paper rolls for printing receipts.

Speed matters and that's why Epson made the TM-U220 print 4.7 lines/sec. paper with a width of 76mm and 40 characters per line. At 30 characters per line, the printer prints at a speed of even 6 lines/sec.

The supply system with consumables is quick and simple, thus saving time and avoiding the formation of queues.

The Epson TM-U220 matrix printer is recommended for fields such as:

  • hospitality
  • Retail

Epson TM-U220 – C31C513007 is equipped with Ethernet interface and auto-cutter for partial (one point) and complete cuts. The power supply is included in the package, but you will have to order the power cable separately.

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Printer type matrix
Printing method ribbon, 9 pins
Interface serial
Print speed maximum 6 lps
Print resolution - characters per line on 76 mm: 42/40/35/33;
- characters per line on 69.5 mm: 40/396/32/30;
- characters per line on 57.5 mm: 33/30/27/25.
Consumable characteristics - width: 57.5 mm/69.5 mm/76 mm;
- roller outer diameter: 83 mm;
- type: self-copying offset paper rolls (double copy)
Ribbon features ERC-38 (purple, black, red-black)
Power source internal, included in the price of the printer
The package contains - user manual;
- ribbon;
- paper roll;
- power source.
Other cutter: automatic (auto-cutter); performs partial (one point) and complete cuts.
Size 160 x 286 x 158 mm (width x length x height)
Color white
Weight 2.7 kg makes permanent efforts to maintain the accuracy of the information on this page. Occasionally they may contain caveats: the photo is informative and may contain accessories not included in the standard packages, some specifications may be modified by the manufacturer without prior notice or may contain operating errors. All promotions present on the site are valid within the limit of available stock.


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