The story of Xerox began in 1947, when The Haloid company used this name for its first copiers. But history goes further in time, until 1938, when an inventor from New York, Chester Carlston, managed to produce, after years of research, the first xerographic image. In 1948, Xerox became a registered trademark. Later, in the 80s, the company invents Ethernet and the graphic interface for computers in its research center in Palo Alto. In the 1990s, he introduced DocuTech and DocuPrint printing equipment for large volumes and variable data printing.

From the production of equipment, on which it had created and consolidated its leadership, to document and business process management services, Xerox has come a long way.

Xerox is a world leader in document management and business process management services , all of which are supported by a whole range of multifunctional equipment and software tools, adapted for all types of companies. Xerox offers a wide range of outsourced services, from document management for the office environment, to scanning and archiving all documents that a company uses for internal and external communication. The company has the resources and expertise to optimize an entire internal office network in order to obtain maximum performance from each device used. In a first stage, Xerox performs an audit of the IT infrastructure and the workflow with the documents, then proposes a customized solution, with the help of which cost reductions of up to 30% can be obtained.

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