TEKLYNX is a leading international company with over 30 years of experience in the development of labeling software solutions.

The company's objective is to develop software for the newest fields and the newest markets. TEKLYNX is constantly looking for new solutions to help you develop and continuously improve your business. This objective is achieved through the continuous development of new drivers for existing printers, but also through software suites that keep you ahead of the competition.

TEKLYNX focuses its activity on three major areas:

  • company-level labeling management solutions: the server-based labeling software will allow the automation of the printing process, sequential approval and internet printing, while simplifying administration by managing licenses for scanners and printers;
  • design solutions for labels: high-performance and easy to use for a wide range of types of consumables, including thermal labels with direct transfer or with ribbon, these solutions allow the individualization of labels needed in any industry;
  • data collection solutions: the software proposed by TEKLYNK addresses all your requirements in terms of tracking, mobile processing and data collection; complete traceability, reporting capacity and fully customizable database give you the opportunity to find out the precise location, route or way of use of any good in the inventory.

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