D-Link Corporation was born in 1986 in Taipei (Taiwan) under the name of Datex Systems Inc. In 1994, Datex Systems Inc. changed its name to D-Link. Also then, it became the first network products company to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. In the early years, D-Link marketed network adapters and later became a network developer, designer and manufacturer.
D-Link products are intended for both individual customers and companies. In 2007, D-Link was named the largest company worldwide in the segment of small and medium-sized companies, with a market share of 21.9%. Also in 2007, D-Link was included in the "Info Tech 100" list of the best IT companies in the world. Since March 2008, the company has become the market leader in Wi-Fi product deliveries globally, holding 33% of the total market.
At the moment, the company has 127 sales offices in 64 countries , 10 global distribution centers , serving 100 countries around the world.
D-Link was the first company in the field of network solutions to launch Green Ethernet products , using technologies to reduce energy consumption. First, for smart switches and then for wireless routers. The products manufactured and marketed by D-Link are intended for the networking and communication products market. They cover switching, security and business wireless segments, at the corporate level.

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