ITG Warehouse - Software for managing product movements and stocks for the computer

software for automating the operations of managing product movements and stocks, for workstations and portable terminals

ITG Warehouse - Software for managing product movements and stocks for the computer

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ITG Warehouse is a solution for automating inventory operations dedicated to companies active in fields such as: production, transport and logistics, sales, telecommunications, state administration, health care. Stocks and movements of products in warehouses are managed with mobile equipment for scanning and collecting data in the field using barcode technology, RFID, Pick by Voice, Put by Voice, Pick by Light, Put by Light.

The software solution incorporates the latest commercial rules and scenario design techniques, as well as a customization mechanism, which generates an easy-to-use interface in the user's native language.

From a hardware point of view, ITG Warehouse works on PCs and mobile terminals. From a software point of view, the solution contains a front-office application for mobile terminals, a back-office application for workstations and an SQL-OO engine for the database.

ITG Warehouse, items

The logistics operations within the companies are facilitated by the modular structure of ITG Warehouse , which includes:

  • IT Genetics Management Module: for the management of heritage assets;
  • IT Genetics Printing Module: for all labeling needs;
  • IT Genetics Warehouse Module: for planning and carrying out inventory operations;
  • IT Genetics Import/Export Module: for data import and export.

ITG Warehouse, stock on location

Use ITG Warehouse to:

  • setting any logistic attributes: item, description, location, department, wear, etc.;
  • management of various activities, such as: reception, moving, loan, cancellation and others;
  • real-time communication through a specialized server, but also batch;
  • unlimited number of packaging forms for each individual item and unlimited number of defined locations.

ITG Warehouse, nir

With ITG Warehouse :

  • increase the correctness of the performed inventories;
  • track the articles precisely and completely, from reception to scrapping, including the degree of wear;
  • make informed decisions through inventory planning;
  • reduce by 50% the costs and time allocated to the inventory;
  • generated reports for the differences found;
  • take advantage of easy and fast interfaces with accounting, ERP and MRP systems.

ITG Warehouse, transfer documents

In order to function under appropriate conditions, the ITG Warehouse solution is installed in a network of LAN and WLAN type computers, which ensures communication with various mobile equipment. Other necessary technical requirements are:

  • portable terminals with Windows Mobile , Embedded or CE operating system and communication via Wi-Fi or 3G;
  • PC with at least Windows XP operating system;
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1;
  • thermal printers for label rolls.
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