ITG Warehouse OMC Android - Software for warehouses with synchronization in OMC

software for mobile reception, delivery, inventory and goods transfer operations with synchronization in OMC, compatible with Zebra mobile terminals with Android operating system

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ITG Warehouse OMC Android is an application for managing warehouse operations that synchronizes the data collected with the OMC management program. It can be used by any company, regardless of size, to manage the flow of goods and products. It is used on mobile terminals with Android operating system.

The application connects directly to the OMC webservice, so any deposit-specific operation is done directly from the mobile terminal. The operators are authenticated through the username and password from the OMC, so that the operations performed are registered on the account of each operator. ITG Warehouse OMC Android allows operations such as: identification, reception, allocation, delivery, inventory and transfer.

The identification function facilitates finding out details about the products. After scanning the barcode corresponding to the product, the available information and the warehouse location are displayed on the terminal screen.

Through the reception function, goods entries are managed. From the list of non-processed reception documents, after selecting one of them, the contents of the document are displayed on the screen, specifying the name of the items, the positions in the warehouse and the scanned quantity. Once all entries are validated and the stock is updated in OMC, the document disappears from the list on the mobile terminal.

By allocation , a warehouse location is assigned to a product. The operation is particularly simple: scan the barcode associated with the product, then the barcode of the location and select the warehouse. After pressing the validation key, the location is registered in OMC for the respective product.

The delivery function allows the validation of product outputs according to the list of displayed documents (orders or consumption receipts). For each position in the list, information is available regarding the name of the partner, the warehouse from which the exit is made, the name and barcode of the item, the quantity on the document and the quantity actually scanned. After validating the document, the OMC stock is updated and the order or consumption receipt is no longer displayed on the mobile terminals.

The transfer function confirms the movement of an item between locations or warehouses. It works on the basis of transfer vouchers generated in OMC. Data about the barcode and the name of the article, the amount to be transferred and the amount actually scanned are presented on the terminal. By validating, the stock is updated and the document is no longer displayed on the terminals.

Accessing the inventory function displays the list of open inventories in OMC, for which it is specified: date of generation, number and warehouse. After choosing a document, the name, the corresponding barcode and the scanned quantity are displayed for the contained products. After validation, the inventory is stored in the OMC and disappears from the mobile terminals.

With ITG Warehouse OMC Android you can do quickly and well:

  • identification of products by scanning and finding out details such as: supplier/customer, WTO document number, name and product code, value quantities, date and time of the start and end of operations;
  • product deliveries and receptions;
  • stock updates with the information found after validating the data collected with the mobile terminals.

The ITG Warehouse OMC Android front-office application runs on Zebra and Honeywell mobile terminals with Android operating system. The following are compatible equipment: Zebra TC2X, TC5X, TC7X, TC800, Honeywell EDA5X.

The displayed price is for 1 license for the mobile terminal. The delivery is done electronically, by e-mail, and the license can be managed from the online interface. The package contains the software solution, the documentation and the complete and detailed manual for installation and use. Installation, training or customization services are not included.

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