ITG Mobile Warehouse - Computer warehouse operations management software

software for managing warehouse operations, compatible with Zebra, Honeywell and Datalogic mobile terminals with Windows CE or Windows Mobile operating system

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ITG Mobile Warehouse is a solution for managing operations specific to warehouses: goods receipts, deliveries, inventories, transfers between locations in the same warehouse or between different warehouses. The solution contains a back-office application.

In ITG Mobile Warehouse , by accessing the Articles option, you can view the list of existing articles under management. Here you add new articles, modify identification information and delete articles. You can search for the listed items according to established criteria. The mentioned operations (addition, modification, deletion and search) can be performed by accessing the corresponding options for: categories of articles, units of measure, VAT rates, partners, warehouses and locations.

The Stock function displays the nomenclature of existing items at a given time and the quantity registered in management.

In Entrances and Exits you can find the lists of entrances and exits made with mobile terminals. In Transfers you have a clear record of the relocation of products within the same warehouse or between different warehouses. The Inventory category contains a list of items inventoried with mobile terminals. Movement history contains a centralized record of all entries, exits and transfers made. The information contained in these lists can be exported in Excel format to be processed later, including in other applications that support the import of Excel files.

The additional application for the front-office is used on mobile terminals and allows the following operations to be performed: identification, entering and removing from stock, transfer and inventory. By accessing the Good Info option, after scanning the barcode corresponding to a product, the information from the database regarding the name, dimensions, color and current stock will be displayed. The New Entry function allows the introduction of a product into stock by scanning the barcode and filling in the relevant information, such as the quantity and the corresponding identification data. The New Output function facilitates the removal of products from stock by scanning the barcode and filling in the quantity. Transfer documents the carrying out of the operations of moving goods from one location to another, within the same warehouse or between different warehouses. By accessing the Inventory function, inventories can be carried out.

The advantages of using the ITG Mobile Warehouse software solution are:

  • identification of the scanned product by name, unit of measure, sale price, total current stock or by location;
  • reception of products by scanning, with the possibility of selecting the supplier and establishing the location;
  • delivery of products by scanning, with confirmation of the quantity and the location from which the goods are released;
  • moving and transferring goods between locations is done by scanning or choosing the source location from where the goods are picked up;
  • updating the stock on locations according to receipts, deliveries and transfers;
  • defining a new inventory directly from the mobile terminal;
  • inventory by scanning the barcode on the product and entering the counted quantity;
  • carrying out total or individual inventories, on locations;
  • the validation of the inventory allows updating the stocks with the ascertained physical quantities.

The back-office application works on Windows operating systems, the oldest supported version being Windows XP. It is necessary to have Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed.

The additional front-office application runs on Zebra, Honeywell and Datalogic mobile terminals with Windows CE or Windows Mobile operating systems. The following devices are compatible: Zebra MC45, MC55, MC2180, MC31xx, MC32xx, MC91xx, MC92xx, MC65, MC67, MC75; Honeywell Dolphin 6100, Dolphin 6510; Datalogic Skorpio X3, Memor X3, Elf, Falcon X3+.

The displayed price is for 1 back-office license. The delivery is done electronically, by e-mail, and the license can be managed from the online interface. The package contains the software solution, the documentation and the complete and detailed manual for installation and use. Installation, training or customization services are not included.

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