ITG Mobile OCS - Order preparation software for OpenCart

software for identifying products and validating orders from OpenCart, compatible with Zebra, Honeywell and Datalogic mobile terminals with Windows CE or Windows Mobile operating system

ITG Mobile OCS - Order preparation software for OpenCart

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ITG Mobile OCS is an application that connects the mobile terminal of warehouse employees with the orders received in an online store based on OpenCart . It is a solution made up of two components: an application for mobile terminals, for identifying the products in stock in an online store and for validating the order, and a PHP webservice that communicates between the applications installed on the terminals and the online store created using the OpenCart platform .

Using the application on mobile terminals requires entering the username and password from the authentication in the online store. The available options are:

  • identification: by scanning the barcodes related to the products in the warehouse, detailed information and stock are available;
  • order info: displays data related to an order and any comments added by customers;
  • order validation: ensures an exact control of the quantities of the orders taken from OpenCart.

The validation of an order is done either by scanning a barcode associated with an order or by choosing the order from a list. After identifying an order and scanning the related barcode, information about the products requested by a customer is displayed on the screen. Confirmation of the products in the order is done individually, by scanning the barcode associated with each product or by typing the barcode manually. It is only allowed to enter a quantity equal to the quantity on the order. The complete validation of an order is notified by displaying a specific message.

All information related to the validation of orders and related quantities is available directly in OpenCart.

The PHP webservice works by uploading files in the feed extensions section of OpenCart. After installation, you will be able to edit the information related to order status: selection, order status: confirmation, allowed IPs and service status (active/inactive).

After confirming an order on the terminal, it is saved with the status set in "Order status - confirmation", the order history is added with the new status and information about the preparation time of the order, as well as the terminal and the employee who confirmed the order.

The main benefits of ITG Mobile OCS are:

  • significantly reduces product selection errors in orders;
  • allows quick confirmation of orders;
  • the possibility of setting multiple statuses for received orders and for their confirmation;
  • suitable for online stores with a large and very large range of products.

The ITG Mobile OCS mobile application runs on Zebra, Honeywell and Datalogic portable terminals with Windows CE or Windows Mobile operating system. The following devices are compatible: Zebra MC45, MC55, MC2180, MC31xx, MC32xx, MC91xx, MC92xx, MC65, MC67, MC75; Honeywell Dolphin 6100, Dolphin 6510; Datalogic Skorpio X3, Memor X3, Elf, Falcon X3+.

The displayed price is for 1 mobile terminal license. The delivery is done electronically, by e-mail, and the license can be managed from the online interface. The package contains the software solution, the documentation and the complete and detailed manual for installation and use. Installation, training or customization services are not included.

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