ITG Mobile Inventory Android - Inventory software for mobile terminals

inventory solution, compatible with Zebra and Honeywell mobile terminals with Android operating system

ITG Mobile Inventory Android - Inventory software for mobile terminals

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Mobile Inventory Android is an inventory solution consisting of a database and 2 applications: back-office and front-office. The back-office application is used on a PC and allows the opening of inventories by importing Excel files generated including from management applications and maintains their records. The front-office application is installed directly on the mobile terminals.

To perform the inventory, export an Excel file from the ERP application used. In the back-office application, open a new inventory and set the filling mode of the fields with the data captured through the mobile terminals, according to the structure of the Excel file exported from ERP. After selecting an unvalidated inventory, the process of capturing barcodes for inventory can begin.

All performed inventories are displayed in the main window of the back-office application, regardless of their status (closed or open). They can be filtered by status and date of inventory opening. In order for the inventory information to be updated in real time with the data transmitted from the mobile terminals, they must be connected to the same network, via IP. Several mobile terminals can be used at the same time on an inventory or on different inventories.

Open inventories are accessible from the main window of the application used on mobile terminals, which makes it possible to make changes immediately, according to findings on the spot. If a barcode that does not appear in the database is scanned, the application will request permission to add the respective product. The scanning method can be established from the settings and can be performed either quantitatively (a barcode is scanned and the detected quantity is entered), or code by code (each barcode is scanned separately).

Once an inventory has been validated in the back-office application, it can be exported to an Excel or CSV file and imported into the ERP application.

The advantages of using the ITG Mobile Inventory Android software solution are:

  • the possibility of opening several inventories simultaneously;
  • reduction of the time needed to carry out the inventory;
  • quick product identification and elimination of human identification errors;
  • selection of product identification method: automatic or manual;
  • exporting the collected data in an Excel file that can then be imported into the management system;
  • the possibility of importing data from the written inventory and exporting information according to the physical inventory;
  • validating the stock of products in the location and comparing the data between the inventories carried out previously and the ongoing one;
  • report of non-conformities (minuses and pluses), which can be exported in Excel, in text or printed files;
  • detailed information about the inventoried products.

The back-office application works on Windows operating systems, the oldest supported version being Windows XP. It is necessary to have Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed.

The front-office application runs on Zebra and Honeywell mobile terminals with Android operating system, such as: Zebra TC2X, TC5X, TC7X, TC800, Honeywell EDA5X.

The displayed price is for 1 license, 1 PC. The delivery is done electronically, by e-mail, and the license can be managed from the online interface. The package contains the software solution, the documentation and the complete and detailed manual for installation and use. Installation, training or customization services are not included.

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