ITG Assets - Software for managing fixed assets and inventory objects for the computer

software for the inventory and management of fixed assets

ITG Assets - Software for managing fixed assets and inventory objects for the computer

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ITG Assets is a tracking solution for company assets, such as: computers and IT equipment, furniture, tools and vehicles. The software is also of real use for managing files, books and loans. The solution is made up of a back-office application, with an inventory management function.

The main method of use is the following: for each new article added, a unique identification number is generated. It is printed on self-adhesive labels in the form of a barcode and applied to the corresponding articles.

After registering the unique numbers in the database, any item can be identified starting from the barcode on the applied label. By scanning the barcode, immediate identification of the good and its characteristics from the database is achieved. The articles can be placed in the desired locations and thus the labeling and allocation procedure ends. As long as the items are under management, they can be moved from one location to another and inventoried easily.

ITG Assets facilitates the generation of standard reports on the situation of fixed assets. Custom reports can be configured and multiple queries can be used. The reports can later be exported in PDF, Excel, text or CSV format.

The advantages of using the ITG Assets software solution are:

  • reducing costs allocated to inventory by 50-60%;
  • reducing the time allocated to the inventory;
  • the location of any fixed means;
  • making decisions on scrapping depending on the condition found on the ground;
  • clearer evidence of fixed assets and inventory items;
  • tracking the movements of fixed assets.

The back-office application works on Windows operating systems, the oldest supported version being Windows XP. It is necessary to have Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed.

It is necessary to additionally purchase the front-office application (AST-WCE-1UM) which runs on Zebra, Honeywell and Datalogic mobile terminals with Windows CE or Windows Mobile operating system. (Ex.: one AST-DSK-1U license and at least one/more AST-WCE-1UM licenses can be ordered).

The following devices are compatible: Zebra MC45, MC55, MC2180, MC31xx, MC32xx, MC91xx, MC92xx, MC65, MC67, MC75; Honeywell Dolphin 6100, Dolphin 6510; Datalogic Skorpio X3, Memor X3, Elf, Falcon X3+.

The displayed price is for 1 PC license. The delivery is done electronically, by e-mail, and the license can be managed from the online interface. The package contains the software solution, the documentation and the complete and detailed manual for installation and use. Installation, training or customization services are not included.

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