Glory GFB-800 banknote counting machine

automatic start/stop, 1500 banknotes/min, LED display, banknote width: 50-85mm, banknote length: 110-180mm

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Glory GFB-800 money counting machine

Glory GFB-800 is a money counting machine small enough to fit in any work space and fast enough for any volume of banknotes. The reliability of the GFB-800 is noteworthy: in the case of proper maintenance, the operating life can reach 7 years.

Glory GFB-800 can be used for counting any type of banknote, as well as for meal vouchers. You have the option to install a detection module to confirm the authenticity of RON banknotes.

The main features of the Glory GFB-800 are:

Speed and efficiency
One of the fastest devices in its class, the Glory GFB-800 has a counting speed of 1800 bills/min. Depending on your requirements, you can reduce the speed of the machine to 1500, 1000 or 500 banknotes/min. The efficiency of the device is ensured by the incorporated technologies, which support high speed and a continuous and uniform counting process. The GFB-800 automatically stops and emits a sound signal when it detects double, stuck, torn or different sized banknotes.
Creation of sets with a determined number of banknotes
The automatic functions for creating predetermined denominations are easy to access from the keyboard and you will be able to obtain packages of 10, 20, 25, 50 or 100 banknotes. The numeric keypad can be used to manually set the number of banknotes in a pair. Counting accuracy is ensured, regardless of the type of material from which the banknotes are made (polymer or paper).
Intuitive operation and fast operation
The simple and intuitive control panel ensures an easy way of use for the operator. The GFB-800 has an auto-start function, so that once the banknotes are placed, the counting process starts automatically. The banknote record is reset when the money is withdrawn from the holder.

Glory GFB-800 banknote counting machine is useful in:

financial institutions: banks, brokerage firms, currency exchange houses, pawnshops, etc.
casinos, betting rooms and games of chance
shops, supermarkets
train stations, bus stations, airports
hotels, theaters, entertainment and leisure centers and others

The product warranty is 12 months.

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Tip produs Money counting machine
Count bills
Speed 500, 1000, 1500 or 1800 pcs./min
Number of gears 4
Load capacity 300 banknotes
Storage capacity 200 banknotes
Dimensions of banknotes/coins width: 50-85 mm, length: 110-180 mm
Display 4
Food type AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Maximum energy consumption 80 W
Detection capability Dimensional check
Color White
Size 275 x 235 x 230 mm makes permanent efforts to maintain the accuracy of the information on this page. Occasionally they may contain caveats: the photo is informative and may contain accessories not included in the standard packages, some specifications may be modified by the manufacturer without prior notice or may contain operating errors. All promotions present on the site are valid within the limit of available stock.


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