Cely PC-50 counting scale, 6 kg

maximum capacity 6 kg, precision 0.2 g, platen 300x230 mm, battery

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Due to the short response time (2 seconds) and the internal resolution of 1/60,000, the Cely PC-50 scale, which can perform both weighing and counting, stands out for its precision, speed and versatility, these characteristics being necessary for businesses in fields such as:

  • production,
  • Storage,
  • packing,
  • Courier.

Cely PC-50 has an illuminated LCD display that contains 3 screens. The screens show data related to: total weight, reference weight, number of parts. The values are expressed with the help of 6 digits, and the height of the characters is 20mm, so that the information will be perfectly visible to the users.

The stainless steel plate and the ABS case give the Cely PC-50 scale durability and easy maintenance.

The keys of the Cely PC-50 scale are placed under a waterproof membrane and are color-coded, an aspect that contributes to easier use, thus to an increase in the productivity of your workers. With the help of the keyboard, it is possible to: set the strength, bring to zero, sum (accumulation of the measured values). Cely PC-50 allows setting a verification alarm, so when a preset value is reached, the scale will emit a sound signal. The keys can be programmed with the desired number of reference pieces.

To be used, Cely PC-50 can be connected to the outlet, but it can also work autonomously for approximately 90 hours, thanks to the included battery.

The most important features of the Cely PC-50 scale are:

  • programmable keys with reference quantities;
  • accumulation function;
  • the possibility of setting a sound alarm when reaching a preset amount;
  • great mobility, thanks to the compact structure, the small dimensions and the internal battery.

Cely PC-50-6KG is a scale with a double function, for weighing and counting, equipped with a stainless steel plate with a surface of 300x230mm, weighing capacity of 6kg and precision of 0.2g. The package includes an adapter for powering the outlet and a battery for autonomous operation.

The Cely PC-50-6KG scale does not have metrological verification.

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Tip produs Scale counting pieces
Maximum capacity 6 kg
Division 0.2 g
Display - an illuminated LCD display;
- the display contains 3 screens: one for total weight, one for reference weight and one for number of pieces;
- 6 digits for each type of information; - height of numbers: 20mm.
Direct keys 10 programmable keys with the reference quantity of pieces
Plate size 300x230 mm
Weighing surface Stainless steel
Operating temperature 0° – 40°C
Power source - adapter for 220V current;
- internal battery 9V, 800mA.
Size 315 x 330 x 100 mm
Weight 3.8 kg

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