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3CX is an application that manages an IP telephony system. The application manages IP phones and SIP-trunks (simultaneous calls directed through a main IP through VoIP technology) from office buildings or in the cloud. 3CX is a unified communication solution, which allows the organization of web conferences, the management of presence and activity within the company, the management of softphones (applications for telephone conversations via the Internet installed on PCs) and applications installed on smartphones without the costs and the difficulties of setting specific to a traditional telephone exchange.

The main features of 3CX are:

  • accessible, easy to install and manage : you have total freedom of decision where to install it, what software and what hardware you use, without having to buy additional equipment. 3CX automatically recognizes and configures a wide range of IP phones, gateways and SIP-trunks;
  • manages real or virtual networks and is scalable : you can use the application to manage a telephone network regardless of whether you have a server or a miniPC at your disposal. It can be transferred very easily to another server or in the cloud, and since the licensing is not done per extension, you benefit from flexibility regarding the volume of users;
  • customizable switchboard : for the management of incoming calls, with 2 call distribution options: call all or prioritize according to a pre-set aspect such as talk time or number of calls already answered;
  • total control : choose any provider for hosting the application in the cloud - it is preferable to pay a lower monthly rate for hosting, without assuming long-term contracts, than a higher price per interior (extension).

3CX can be installed and set up in a few minutes on servers or PCs running Windows or Linux or can be virtualized on Hyper-V or VMWare. Configuration templates are available for a wide range of IP phones, SIP-trunks, gateways, VoIP providers. The application can also be installed on mobile devices with Windows, Android, Mac and iOS.

3CX is an effective solution for improving customer relations and increasing productivity, but also a very cost-effective one: you can reduce costs by up to 80% by using SIP-trunks and WebRTC technology (real-time communication real for browsers and other mobile applications). Phone calls between offices are free, and clients can contact you from anywhere in the world, at very low costs.

Functions such as the status of colleagues, sending faxes or voice messages to e-mail, conferences and instant messages are available anytime and anywhere, either on a PC, or on a smartphone, softphone, etc. Between the users of the application, any type of communication is free, from phone calls, to messages and conferences. In the Standard version, a maximum of 10 participants can be present at a conference.

3CX Standard integrates without problems with applications such as Office 365 (only the address book), Outlook and more. A clear record of the calls received and made is available at any time, and the information about the duration of the calls allows you to generate conclusive reports on the activity of agents and customers.

The 3CX-ST-4SIM license is valid for 12 months, after which renewal is required. The price is set according to the number of simultaneous calls required by a company. Normally, 3-4 extensions can take a call at the same time. The license is delivered in electronic format, by e-mail. This license is valid for 4 simultaneous calls. For a larger number of simultaneous calls, please contact us.

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